We believe massive value can be created in the global economy by helping people enjoy shared resources.

”The commons” are the shared resources that people enjoy but don’t really own, like the environment, health, knowledge and education, and public infrastructures that allow society to function and prosper.

Managing the commons well and overcoming scarcity takes great skill and creativity. This is a challenge but also a major opportunity for the businesses, governments and entrepreneurs who best adapt to the pressures presented by a changing world.


Commons Consultants believe in rolling up our sleeves to advise clients that want to deliver solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Successful solutions are based on science and backed by effective technologies and responsible management practices.

Effective strategies and policies rely on promotion and collaborations across borders and sectors.


Commons Consultants are experts in strategy and policy development.

Our focus industries are energy & environment, climate change, health, and financial services.

We put the interests of our clients first. We usually work closely with clients to make sure they achieve lasting results after an engagement.

We also do research assignments to define and assess critical issues that confront our clients.

We work with a global network of associates to bring the best available skills and knowledge to bear for our clients.